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America's Best Value Inn - Escanaba $975,000

Escanaba, MI

Agent Name: David W. Schwandt
Phone Line 1: (231) 723-6534 x 3129
Phone Line 2: (231) 510-6109 (cell)
Agent Email:

61-room limited-service franchise located in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula on busy US-2. Well-constructed, attractive property with two-bedroom apartment makes this an ideal investment for an owner operator. Trailing '12 revenues showed substantial increase. The hotel is conveniently located near the Fairgrounds, which have strong 2012 bookings.

Property Attributes

Site Amenities

Number of Rooms: 61 Wi-Fi
Year Built: 1985 Indoor Hot Tub
Site Size: 1.6
Fitness Center
Occupancy Avg.:
Daily Rate Avg.:
Business Center/Conference Room
Business Source: Tourist/Commerical
Corridors: Indoor
Type of Service: Limited

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